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PAL: Performance and Architecture Laboratory

Team Members

Adolfy Hoisie

Adolfy Hoisie is a Laboratory Fellow and the associate division director of the HPC group. He is an internationally recognized expert in performance analysis and engineering of large-scale parallel computing systems and applications, and system architecture. He pioneered methodologies in his area of expertise, creating practical, highly accurate performance modeling techniques that set the standard in the community.

Darren Kerbyson

Darren Kerbyson is a Laboratory Fellow and an internationally recognized computer scientist with more than 25 years of experiences in the development of methods, algorithms, and tools to understand the performance of existing systems and to guide the design of future systems that have not yet been built. Currently he focuses on exploring both performance and power of future systems - the combination of which will be important for future systems especially with the push to exascale computing systems.

Kevin Barker

Kevin Barker has extensive experience developing tools for modeling software performance and for extreme scale hardware and software. He has also developed applications for parallel computing.

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